In addition to his clinical work, Dr Doneley also undertakes Medicolegal examination and reporting work. He has performed this work since 2013.

Medicolegal reports are provided by an independent orthopaedic surgeon, who acts as an expert witness, with the aim of determining the cause of an injury or condition, assessing its severity and determining any long-term consequences or impairments of that injury or condition.

An appointment for a medicolegal report is quite different from that of a normal doctor’s appointment, in that Dr Doneley does not actually commence or undertake any treatment of your condition. It is often necessary for Dr Doneley to refer to multiple other sources of information (other medical records, X-rays and scans, test results) before he can make a fully informed comment about your injury or condition. As such, it is not possible for Dr Doneley to make comment about your condition or your previous treatments at the time of the appointment.

Please bring all relevant materials (letters, x-rays, test results) as well as photographic identification to your appointment. Please wear clothing that allows for the regions of interest to be easily examined. You can bring a support person with you to the appointment. Videotaping or recording of your appointment is not permitted.

Dr Doneley understands that the legal process as well as the requirement for attending a medicolegal examination is an anxious and stressful experience. He and his staff will do all that is possible to put your mind at ease. Please be aware that Dr Doneley’s primary focus of your appointment with him is the creation of an objective and unbiased written report that accurately reflects your injury or condition.

Dr Doneley is certified with the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME) using the AMA5 guidelines (2012, 2018) as a Certified Independent Medical Examiner.

Please contact our rooms should you require medicolegal examination and reporting.