Acute Knee Injury

Acute and sports knee injuries occur when the knee is subjected to sudden or violent twisting, pivoting, jarring or impact motions that injure the anatomical structures that comprise the knee joint- the ligaments, meniscus cartilages, cartilage surfaces of the joint, underlying bone or cause the knee to shift out of alignment or give way.

These injuries can happen to anyone - You do not need to be an elite level athlete or even involved in sporting activities for such an injury to occur.

Dr Doneley has dedicated consulting session slots reserved for people with acute lower limb injuries, including acute knee issues – whether they be sporting related, due to falls or twisting injuries or traumatic conditions.

In many instances, a diagnosis and treatment plan can be achieved at the initial consultation based on interview, examination and simple investigations such as X-rays. Specialised scans are also employed to confirm diagnosis, and these can often be obtained prior to the initial appointment (please discuss with our staff and appropriate arrangements can be made).

When making an appointment, please be sure to inform our staff that the condition is acute and urgent as we will happily oblige and expedite your care and treatment. Please contact us at the rooms make appropriate arrangements.