Lower Limb Fractures

Dr Doneley maintains an interest and passion in the surgical treatment and management of fractures of the lower limb, including fractures of the hip, femur, tibia, tibial plateau, ankle and patella. He is highly experienced in this work. He continues to undertake orthopaedic trauma on-call work through both the private and public sector and has worked in some of Australia’s busiest tertiary orthopaedic trauma centres.

He recognises that these injuries can be devastating and terrifying occurrences. Dr Doneley provides his patients not only with timely care and treatment, but with empathy, insight and understanding about their condition, what to expect and how to maximise return to function.

Dr Doneley is always happy to expedite care for people who have sustained acute fracture injuries. Please inform staff that the condition is acute and urgent, and we will happily oblige and expedite your care and treatment.