Your Visit

Dr Doneley’s main consulting rooms are located on-site in Brisbane Private Hospital.

Appointment booking

Please bring a valid referral to your appointment or have your referrer fax it through to us prior on (07) 3394 4588.

Appointment cancellation

We appreciate that your time is important and that plans can change at the last minute.  It is appreciated to have at least 24 hours notice should you need cancel or change appointment times.

Preparation for your consultation

It is helpful if you wear clothing that allows for ready examination of the relevant body areas. Shorts or loose-fitting pants generally allow for easy examination of most lower limb conditions.

The initial appointment involves an in-depth discussion with Dr Doneley relating to the current problem as well as any past orthopaedic or general health issues. This is then followed by an examination and review of any available X-rays or test results. This information then allows for a diagnosis and treatment plan to be established. Initial appointments are given extra time to allow for this process and as such, attract a higher fee than subsequent appointments.

What to bring to your consultation

  • All specialist consultations require a written referral from either your General Practitioner or another specialist. The referral needs to be brought with you on the day of consultation.
  • Please bring all other relevant information that you have also including previous X-rays / scans / test results as well as a list of your current medication.
  • Medicare and Private Health Insurance documentation (Medicare Card, Insurance Card etc).
  • Workcover number as appropriate.
  • DVA information as appropriate.

Further consultations

On occasion, Dr Doneley will require further information (such as further X-rays, scans or blood tests) in order to further evaluate your condition. As these investigations take some time to gather, a follow-up or review appointment may be required after these tests have been performed.

Follow-up appointments incur a lesser fee as they are usually more focused and shorter duration. Initial post-operative appointments following any surgical procedure incur no fee and are covered by your surgical payment.